5 DIY Bathroom Décor Ideas


For most of us, the bathroom of our dreams has a budget that we can only imagine. But that should not stop you from falling in love with the bathroom you have.

If you love DIY, there is no reason why you can not create the perfect bathroom. There are many DIY bathroom decorating ideas that fit budgets of any size and always beautiful. See some DIY bathroom ideas that will inspire your next project.

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DIY Safety

DIY is a fun way to really personalize your home and save money. However, many projects use tools and products that, if misused, could be dangerous for you or for others. Never accept a DIY project that does not have the right tools or with which you have no experience. Check out some basic safety tips for DIY before starting your next DIY project in the bathroom.

1. DIY Bathroom Mirror

Regardless of your current style, the mirror in your bathroom can be a focal point in the room. Therefore, it should be a feature that you like! Of all the bathroom projects available, designing a bathroom mirror can be the most versatile for your current style. This project requires some experience in DIY because it requires a sloping cut. See the Cherished Bliss tutorial.

2. Bathroom Storage Ideas

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, storage is always a problem. After all, the bathroom contains many items that we use every day. But the store you choose can be part of the decoration of your bathroom. For stylish bathrooms, you need to replace an old baking sheet to store basic toiletries. Or a wine rack can be reused as a towel rack.

Another popular aspect of bathrooms is the style of a country house. The Mason glasses give your bathroom’s storage space a perfect touch without losing the rustic style. You can simply remove them to store things like cotton balls, cotton swabs and more, or hang them to keep small toiletries on hand. This DIY game book tutorial will show you how to do it.

3. DIY Room Mats

Bathroom mats are usually monotonous and boring. What if I tell you that you can make your own DIY carpet for less than what you can buy in the store and give your bathroom a unique look? The remaining towels are a great way to do this, making this project so environmentally friendly. You need between two and four old bath towels, depending on the size cut into strips about 6 cm long. Then you will get a mesh and start attaching them in each row.


4. DIY Bathroom Shelves

If you’re looking for a modern idea for your bathroom, floating shelves are exactly what you need. Not only do they offer storage space, they also give your bathroom a unique look. For a timeless look with extra storage space, floating shelves are hot right now. Although you can take out a few units of floating shelves from the store, you must buy the materials yourself to create your own style. Create yours with this guide Thrifty & Chic.

5. DIY Bathroom Wall Decoration

The decoration of your wall will stand out in your bathroom. As in other areas of your home, there are many unique ways to showcase your wall decor. However, because of the humidity in the room, you should stay away from fabrics and wires that could easily be damaged by moisture. Here are some ideas for your DIY wall decor:

Decorative Mirror

While you already have a large vanity mirror in the bathroom, the accent mirrors are a beautiful decorative element that can distribute light in the bathroom. Sunburst mirrors are very popular right now and are easy to achieve on a tight budget. Simply paint the sticks of your favorite color and stick them to the back of a round mirror. It’s an easy way to put your bathroom!

Framed Wallpaper Art

If you have a pattern you love but don’t want to use throughout your bathroom, frame it! Small sizes of wallpaper can be cut down to fit whatever size frame you like. Make a gallery wall out of your favorite patterns for a unique and whimsical look! [AAM]

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