7 Tips To Look For For A Wedding Party In The Garden

Want to know how to organize a wedding in the garden? After all, is there anything more romantic than exchanging sounds outside? In many ways, this is the definition of fairytale marriage – a mixture of worldly pleasures, bright smiles, and passion for skin flowers. But as in all good tales, there are always obstacles that must be overcome before the last kiss. In this case, Mother Nature. Weddings in the garden – like outdoor events – need a lot of attention. But with the right planning, and these 9 basic and important tips, your day will be perfect!

1. Look at the rain!

The biggest concern in outdoor marriages is, “outside”. You really need to have a backup plan if time doesn’t work. You will need a “back” location, such as a warehouse or party room, with tables and chairs where decorations can be moved in the event of an unexpected event. When you see the first dark cloud, forget your disappointment and take it all to a closed place.

2. The Heat Cheat

On a tiring afternoon, greet your guests with refreshing drinks and fans. Don’t forget to set up a large umbrella to provide shade. Your guests are not the only ones who will wither, but also their flowers. You will need a staging area – garage or tent – to protect them from the sun. Ask your florist to arrange the arrangements at the last minute and if he brings the tree to the decoration, make sure to ask them to fix it on the floor with weights, tent hooks and boulders. There will be many people who pray for a little wind …

3. Other inconveniences

It is advisable to hire a decontamination company to spray insects two days in advance (check in your area, permits may be needed) and use citronella candles during the event. Perform a ceremony away from the most popular flower or bush. Believe: many guests are allergic to insect bites and pollen from flowers, which can endanger their enjoyment.

4. Attention to the menu

Menus in the wedding garden need special attention because in this event food can melt and damage the heat (forget cheese, seafood or anything with mayonnaise). Although counterintuitive, it is best to serve hot food in a boiling and sliced ??season. Preparation is easier and you don’t have to worry about deterioration. Stay away from the ice-coated cake or butter mixture that will melt before your official photo.

5. Outerwear

Your clothes must be in harmony with other elements of your wedding. For example, princess dresses covered with pearls can shadow the beauty of the garden. When two magnificent elements do not match, they lose their charm. Outdoor weddings combined with shantung silk (non-kneaded fabric) and midi dresses – very long models can be a nuisance and may end up being dirty. Other options: thin lace dresses, organza, or with tulle lining. Use chalk to cover stains.

6. Suitable shoes

Suggest your guests that the wedding will be on the grass so they can prevent themselves and attend with the appropriate shoes (you can give the most disturbed guests with slippers or sandals to avoid broken heels). The same logic applies to the bride: to avoid drowning at every step, leave the scarpins at home and choose low heels or anabela. You can also consider sneakers or sandals with gemstones, depending on your clothing model.

7. Music for your ears

If you want live music during the ceremony, place your musician’s chair in the shade. Heat and sun can actually damage and damage instruments. If you plan to set up a dance floor with a band or DJ, make sure that the location chosen for the arrangement has a power source. And to prevent the sound from disappearing from the wind, be careful in positioning the speaker. For dancing, for example, you will need speakers on all four street corners so that the music is channeled to the crowd from all angles.