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Confused to make a small garden at home? Here are tips to beautify the garden at home

Having a small garden at home is an extraordinary privilege. On great hot days, this space can be a refuge to refresh, breathe fresh air and enjoy good times in the open air. When we have a small outdoor area, we don’t usually need a lot of expensive and complicated effort or resources to package it with the best way to enjoy it with family or friends. Today we bring 14 gardens that prove that size is not a document when the imagination is in power.

1. The charming cabog wall

A good idea to change a small outdoor area is to add a highlight element which, in addition to decoration, is part of the environmental composition. For this function, the cobogos works very well, forming walls, walls and partitions in different ways and full of charm. After that, you can simply complete the space with various and simple elements such as tables, chairs and textile elements.

2. Recycling and personality

Bringing your personality to your small garden is also a way to make it beautiful and special. A good way to achieve this result is to use old furniture to organize the environment. They can be recovered if necessary, but the important thing is to let them realize the vintage spirit in garden decoration. When making compositions it is also worth mixing old parts with more modern elements, textiles and colors creating an original set that will be supplemented by plants and flowers.

3. Fences adorn and provide privacy

If your terrace is located in an open area facing the street or neighbors, enjoy to make a fence. This is a smart way to put it that is useful for fun and you will be able to bring privacy to the space when decorating and filling the environment of flowers and plants. This does not require much space for projects like this, species can be planted in a narrow place and arranged in an extension of the wall where it wants to protect.

4. Improved with the floor

If you like rural style here we bring a good idea that will save money with your garden floor coverings. By using a recycled pallet or demolition wooden board, you can make a solid base, either to accommodate the road area or to place tables, chairs, benches and chairs in outdoor areas. This is a simple, beautiful and fast way because the board doesn’t need to sit, just position them on flat ground.

5. Good Bibs made of concrete blocks

With a little creativity, we can find solutions to the most varied spaces. Instead of making a large investment with vases and bibs built into the stone, what about putting your hand in the dough and developing it yourself with concrete blocks. Besides being unique and unique they can be formed to fit even the smallest space by taking advantage of the height of walls or walls. The last touch is the species of plants and flowers that you will choose to fill your bib.

6. Rustic style charm

Rustic style is a kind of decoration that strongly supports the creation of low cost space. To prepare an external area with this style, you only need to bet on wood, concrete, stones, plants, and simpler elements that give a sense of warmth to the room. A good choice is to invest in cement floors that burn at several points, such as barbecue or dining areas, and bet on gravel coverage for gardens and rest areas. Complete the decoration by creating roads with concrete slabs placed on stones and with untreated wood furniture to harmonize the atmosphere of a rural style.

7. A narrow terrace that produces a mini garden

Even the smallest spaces, such as side aisles, interior patios or other types of roads, can be adapted for small garden houses and without much effort. The key is to make the right choice to arrange scenes such as floors, walls, plants and other accessories. Use simple floors such as pebbles, pallets and concrete stones or slabs, add plants directly to the ground, in pots or hang in the form of a vertical garden. Complete the space by decorating the walls, adding simple furniture and other elements that bring warmth to the garden.

8. When we join an external space we already have a little creativity and common sense the results may be better than imagined. Some elements, such as wooden decks for example, fall very well in the composition of the external area and to complete the atmosphere it is possible to use simple features and elements that are already at home. Using paint to color the walls, adding a mixture of furniture that is reused with various materials and colors, and using excessive textiles such as pillows, futtons and colored nets

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7 Tips To Look For For A Wedding Party In The Garden

Want to know how to organize a wedding in the garden? After all, is there anything more romantic than exchanging sounds outside? In many ways, this is the definition of fairytale marriage – a mixture of worldly pleasures, bright smiles, and passion for skin flowers. But as in all good tales, there are always obstacles that must be overcome before the last kiss. In this case, Mother Nature. Weddings in the garden – like outdoor events – need a lot of attention. But with the right planning, and these 9 basic and important tips, your day will be perfect!

1. Look at the rain!

The biggest concern in outdoor marriages is, “outside”. You really need to have a backup plan if time doesn’t work. You will need a “back” location, such as a warehouse or party room, with tables and chairs where decorations can be moved in the event of an unexpected event. When you see the first dark cloud, forget your disappointment and take it all to a closed place.

2. The Heat Cheat

On a tiring afternoon, greet your guests with refreshing drinks and fans. Don’t forget to set up a large umbrella to provide shade. Your guests are not the only ones who will wither, but also their flowers. You will need a staging area – garage or tent – to protect them from the sun. Ask your florist to arrange the arrangements at the last minute and if he brings the tree to the decoration, make sure to ask them to fix it on the floor with weights, tent hooks and boulders. There will be many people who pray for a little wind …

3. Other inconveniences

It is advisable to hire a decontamination company to spray insects two days in advance (check in your area, permits may be needed) and use citronella candles during the event. Perform a ceremony away from the most popular flower or bush. Believe: many guests are allergic to insect bites and pollen from flowers, which can endanger their enjoyment.

4. Attention to the menu

Menus in the wedding garden need special attention because in this event food can melt and damage the heat (forget cheese, seafood or anything with mayonnaise). Although counterintuitive, it is best to serve hot food in a boiling and sliced ??season. Preparation is easier and you don’t have to worry about deterioration. Stay away from the ice-coated cake or butter mixture that will melt before your official photo.

5. Outerwear

Your clothes must be in harmony with other elements of your wedding. For example, princess dresses covered with pearls can shadow the beauty of the garden. When two magnificent elements do not match, they lose their charm. Outdoor weddings combined with shantung silk (non-kneaded fabric) and midi dresses – very long models can be a nuisance and may end up being dirty. Other options: thin lace dresses, organza, or with tulle lining. Use chalk to cover stains.

6. Suitable shoes

Suggest your guests that the wedding will be on the grass so they can prevent themselves and attend with the appropriate shoes (you can give the most disturbed guests with slippers or sandals to avoid broken heels). The same logic applies to the bride: to avoid drowning at every step, leave the scarpins at home and choose low heels or anabela. You can also consider sneakers or sandals with gemstones, depending on your clothing model.

7. Music for your ears

If you want live music during the ceremony, place your musician’s chair in the shade. Heat and sun can actually damage and damage instruments. If you plan to set up a dance floor with a band or DJ, make sure that the location chosen for the arrangement has a power source. And to prevent the sound from disappearing from the wind, be careful in positioning the speaker. For dancing, for example, you will need speakers on all four street corners so that the music is channeled to the crowd from all angles.



Extended Patio Ideas

You may choose to get a few skylights in your extended patio ideas, or you might intensify the amount of light that let in the area with the entire roof constructed of glass. The very first kind is known as a three-season sunroom since it’s ordinarily comfortable for three seasons in the calendar year.

Based on how that you intend to use your sunroom, you will find many different structural designs provided in each of the fundamental types of sunrooms. A superb, excellent sunroom ought to have appropriate ventilation that may stave off sunlight and also a fantastic deal of warmth.

extended patio ideas

You are going to see that this to enclose patio designs, there aren’t only a large number of layouts, but additionally a large number of substances it’s likely to use. In most such situations, it is an enclosed terrace which lets you relish the outside without having to tolerate the seasonal atrocities of character. The lattice has been around for quite a long time.

Another issue is house decorating. Outdoor patio furniture made from a vast choice of materials. Most exterior patio deck ideas and pictures collections which made from aluminum tend to be modern. With extra endurance and comfort, acquiring the acceptable patio furniture is a significant field of the summertime encounter.

Leading superior patio furniture might be a massive investment for a homeowner. Natural wicker is not suitable for outside, but wicker outdoor patio furniture is made primarily to maintain some weather. Outdoor wicker caused by a type of resin that’s quite durable and will withstand all kinds of weather with no issue.

Whether you are buying the seat from a real store or via online shopping, ensure that you assess the material specifications of this seat you intend to buy. When hosting an external function of any sort, it is vital to make sure you have enough seats for everyone.

Finally, ensure you obtain an Adirondack chair made with a commendable manufacturer, and undergo its reviews before making a selection. Plastic Adirondack chairs might survive for decades if they maintained frequently.

The home was extended. You do not wish the space to seem overly bloated. Thus, to make sure your space completed, you need to purchase some fantastic patio tables to get it. Consequently, if you’d like your outside area to be whole, you must have everything set up which includes places where you are ready to specify and exhibit various items.

So, there isn’t going to be too much hassle at the case the outdoor area expands your house or business property such as a restaurant dining room. Adding a light, modern space to your home is an increasingly common alternative. You will need to use things which are dependable in your city, and will not succumb to winter cold.

Moreover, you will have the chance to discuss your sunroom addition with a range of businesses. You do not have to know about these from 1 place to place. One excellent place to begin is in neighborhood sunroom builder showrooms.

What might surprise you is that there is also a place for a lot of our cold-hardy and traditional landscape crops. You need to be able to find several which adapted to an area. In the event you have regions that meet such development requirements, you’ll indeed succeed in choosing fruits. Creating a larger landing place at the bottom of these measures is also a superb way to make the most of your porch and earn curb appeal.

Unless you’re all set to oversee the construction work, it is wise to employ a professional conservatory business that’s going to handle all aspects of the project, including coping with any building or planning regulations.

The purpose is to supply you with a flavor of what is achievable hopefully to whet your appetite with a few ideas and tools to get you started. The exotic, tropical look of your backyard hotel is going to do by mixing a wide range of shapes, styles, colors, and textures.

Regardless of your needs to get a patio might be, on occasion, obtaining an enclosed patio becomes essential. If you would like to expand the use of the area past the warmest months, then you’re likely to need to install moveable walls or windows. You also need to specify a method for your new room and select how it’s expected to get in the house.

Ensure that you find the type of style that best suits your area. Before beginning your job, it is worth considering the ways of online conservatory offer. You can match the design and substance in accord with the subject of your property. Electric-this layout is ideal for homes which are small or do not have a chimney. An additional excellent interior layout should provide adequate lighting.

Indoor plants are typically accessible. They do not ask for a great deal of maintenance. They provide the chance of breathing in a clean atmosphere. They’re the portion of the decoration. Your indoor plants may also need the external atmosphere in the time of winter. There are a few plants which are a superb alternative to the indoor plants.