Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice knife sharpener might be the product in your mind when thinking about sharpening tool for your dull knife. It is known for its quality as well as straightforward utilization. There are various products from this brand that can cater your needs. Here are some examples of sharpeners according to its usage.

First is model 250 Hybrid Diamond Hone Sharpener. This Chefs Choice knife sharpener works in three stages, combining electric and manual steps smoothly. The first two stages are for sharpening knife’s edges using electric power. Meanwhile, the third step is honing knife manually. This process results in 20 degree sharp knife edge. The pure diamond abrasive is able to create such result. It can be used to sharpen bread knives, serrated knives, kitchen knives, and even pocket knives. It takes less than two minutes to sharpen a knife using this tool. You can choose between black and white colors. Model 250 is available in the market with one year warranty.

Second is Model 320 Diamond Hone Professional Sharpener. It sharpens your knife in two steps. It begins with sharpening the knife’s edge with 100% diamond caustic. After the knife has been sharpened, it is honed by unique stropping disks. The result is 20 degree edge knife with very durable sharpness. It is able to process knife with straight and serrated edges, such as: regular kitchen knives, Santoku knives, bread knifes, and hunting knives. It takes one and half minute to sharpen knife for the first time and ten seconds for repeated sharpening. It is available in five colors, including platinum and brushed metal. The sharpener has one year warranty as well.

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Third is model 120 Edge Select Sharpener as another Chefs Choice knife sharpener that’s designed for professionals. Butchers and professional cooks will find this tool useful in aiding their work. It works in three stages with the help of angle control to maintain precision. The two beginning steps use authentic diamond corrosive to create sharp edge in 20 degree angle that lasts longer. Honing is done with the help of flexible strop. It delivers great result quickly, a minute for the initial sharpening and ten seconds for re-sharpening knife. There are six choices of colors, including red and platinum. It is sold with three years warranty.

There are many other electric sharpener models to choose from, but the three models that have been explained are able to represent this tool based on the utilization. Chefs Choice knife sharpener is indeed a helpful tool. RFA