The Company

Sadolin Paints Uganda

Sadolin Paints (U) Limited is the largest paint manufacturing company in Uganda, with more than 50% market share.

The company manufactures a widely varied range of high-quality decorative products for both commercial and retail markets. Sadolin Paints (U) Limited maintains a licence agreement with Sadolin Paints Denmark Limited, who originally established the company in Uganda in 1963. Sadolin Paints Denmark is now part of Akzo Nobel, the largest paint conglomerate in the world.

Sadolin Paints (U) Limited has access to modern decorative paint technology and trends through Akzo Nobel and it is the only paint company in Uganda with access to international technology, making it the market leader. The company supplies textured finishes for buildings, manufactures, automotive refinish products, high quality wood-finish products and represents De Beer by selling their automotive products through the Octoral Trade name. It also supplies protective coatings from International Paint South Africa.

Sadolin Paints (U) Limited employs 340 people and is in the list of top 100 taxpayers in Uganda. The company is ISO 9000 certified and has a documented waste disposal policy. It takes its social commitments very seriously and contributes to a wide range of civil and religious organizations on a regular basis.

“We set standards for ourselves, meet them and then surpass them. We are seen as the company which believes in continuous improvements." Chris Nugent - MD