How Long Does Depression Last

How Long Does Depression Last

A few months ago I handled several cases of severe depression that makes up his patients can’t work and the quality of his life plummeted. Among the many cases of depression that I signed, two cases of disorder severe depression which I believe is interesting for example as it pertains to the therapy stopped one-sided by patients without a doctor’s advice.
Actual cases of severe depression is not a condition that is rarely found in practice psychiatrists. Patients with severe depression are “the work of psychiatrist every day. Severe depression not only harmful because often times coupled with the suicide attempt of his patients, but also greatly lowered the quality of life of patients who experienced it.

Severe symptoms of depression

A few months ago I handled two cases of severe depression experienced by women with close-set piercing age beginning. They experience severe depression with the trigger conditions of the work have a heavy pressure. The first female patients other than experiencing the symptoms of severe depression also experience tremendous anxiety. The patient felt her life hollow and feel hopelessly hope. He was not sure it could be back to normal as readily. While early patients in therapy often FUEL inquire about symptoms that arise. A day could FUEL until 3-5 times to me to confirm the symptoms and ask if it could be cured. Both patients experienced severe depression and realized by his family. The patient himself does not want to get out of the room and it works just dozing away. The perceived energy no longer exists and the patient several times say want to die alone.
How Long Does Depression Last
At the beginning of treatment (initial treatment) patients still, experience the symptoms that are uncomfortable with regards to the anxious and depressed him. Repeatedly asking why her patients are still not back to normal. In the next phase, when drugs have started to eat for eight weeks, patients start to feel the changes. The symptoms of depression patients anxious his dominant start to feel anxious his already much reduced although not yet recovered his passion as readily. Patients who live in the room continues to have started to want to get out of the room and ask the families about the condition of the home. Three months after the patient’s drugs have started to wear the feel of significant changes. Symptoms of anxiety and depression of patients first have not felt again and returned to normal activities. The second patient had started to return to the Office and want to cook for her family. Unfortunately, the patient then stops the treatment and not control anymore.

Eat The Medicine Regularly

Antidepressants as part of therapy for Depression is indeed not the only modality in therapy. However, the use of antidepressants as depression therapy has been scientifically proven benefit in improvement of the patient. In the various studies, it is said that the use of antidepressants will make improvement in the first month of the drug. In general, it is said two weeks is the time required by antidepressant working optimally in the order who are experiencing central nervous imbalance. Others say there are a few antidepressants that can work optimally in the first week.HS