IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toast Recipe

French Toast is a bread menu which usually served in the breakfast time and also known as ‘Eggy Bread’. It dues to in cooking this, there will be used of the eggs. The well-known restaurant as IHOP, which has 1.650 branches around the world, serves this menu to their consumers. One of their favorite menu is IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toast Recipe or can be called as Cinn-A-Stack (cinnastack) which going to talk in this article.

IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toast Recipe

credit: tournecooking.com

Cinnastack recipe

Cinnastack recipe of IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toast recipe is quite simple to make. We need to refrigerate the cinnamon rolls to get the favorite flavors. To execute this recipe, we will have a quarter cup melting butter, two cans refrigerating cinnamon rolls, six eggs, a half cup of heavy cream, two teaspoon of ground cinnamon and vanilla, a cup of chopped pecans, and maple syrup for dressing. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Cut the cinnamon rolls into eight slices and put it in melting butter. Beat the eggs, cream, cinnamon, and vanilla. Then, put the pecans and drizzle it. Bake it until golden brown, and cool it for 10 minutes. Then, we can do plating by pour the maple syrup on the cinnamon rolls.

Cinnastack IHOP calories

as we know that, French toast is better to serve for breakfast menu. To support our daily activities, we need to know how much calories contains on IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toastrecipe.Looking at the ingredients which needed in making the cinnastack, it can be counted that in a portion of cinnastack contains 910 calories. This number is still normal for our body, since our needed calorie in a day is about 2000 calories. Cinnastack fulfills 45% our needed calories. But do not worry, we can add it by another food which fill our calorie needs.

IHOP cinnastack pancakes discontinued

In 2010,Cinnastack pancakes as one of sub menu from IHOP Cinnamon Roll French Toast recipe was deleted from the menu in IHOP. It was priced $4.99 for the combos menu. But, in 2017, IHOP offered this secret menu to be ordered on April 9, 2017. Costumers could order it only for the limited time. It due to the use of cream cheese and cinnamon roll were used together in the other kind menus of IHOP. This offer could treat the costumers who missed this menu in IHOP. Costumers still asks the IHOP to bring this menu back. Cinnastack pancakes, what a special IHOP menu! RFA