Inspiration of Wedding Souvenirs that Attract You to Imitate

The wedding souvenir is one of the many preparations for the wedding, which can make the ceremony very expensive. Given this, have you thought of making a souvenir rather than buying? This can save you a lot and still make the party more personal, according to the taste of the bride.

In general, to choose a souvenir you need to think about your marriage as a whole: where it will be held, the schedule, the food to be served, and the style of decoration. Therefore, souvenirs cannot ignore these elements, but become complementary to them, or even function literally as a reminder when they are alive.

In order for you to bring your inspiration to this special day, we separate 13 different ideas from souvenirs, all beautiful, cheap and easy to make. Let me see!

1. Candy on the wrapper

It is possible that a simple bonbon becomes a remarkable souvenir. For this, you just need to wrap it with a piece of plastic paper, with a color that matches the wedding decorations. Then use a ribbon to tie the wrapper and wrap it with special adhesive.

2. Cupcake

This little biscuit is a hit with people. In addition to delicious, their charms contribute to the table decoration. With a simple basic search on the internet, you can find many easy recipes for this type of delicacy. When it comes to putting your hands on the dough, do not hesitate to ask for help for godparents.

3. Key Cloth Chain

If you like using cloth, the best choice of souvenirs is to make a small key. To create something like this, simply cut the fabric to the desired shape, cover the piece using a puncture and fill it with silicon fibers. If desired, garnish with beads and ribbons and finish with keychains.

4. Coffee bag

At first glance, a small coffee bag for a souvenir may seem a bit odd, as it is a rather unusual idea. However, if the wedding has a rustic style, a hemp bag with good coffee may be the key point of your decor. If the party in the afternoon, take the opportunity to also make a small table with coffee, donuts and cakes.

5. Sink Box

Colorful sighs are the ideal souvenir for colorful and cheerful weddings. You can store it in a tube, as in a photo design, or in a transparent sachet. Complete the souvenir with a personalized sticker or sticker for your wedding.

6. A fun bullet bag

Who says that the fun of the bullet only birthday treats delicacy? See how simple transparent sachets surrounded by beautiful decorative ribbons make delicious bullets a very well-made souvenir!

7. Lead with seasoning

Today most people do not have a backyard at home, nor do they have the space to plant spices and herbs, which are important in everyday life. So, how about pleasing your guests by giving them spices? Besides useful for cooking, this option will decorate your living room.

8. Delicious ship

Because it’s a kind of plant that’s so cute and easy to treat, it succulents everyone’s fun. In addition, it is possible to make thousands of seeds using the leaves of some small plants. This will definitely save you a lot with wedding favors.

9. Bunch with almond nuts

A small bowl with almonds can be a wonderful souvenir for your wedding. Besides being easy to assemble, the results are very smooth and delicious, right?

10. Handmade soap

Handmade soap is a souvenir that has no faults, because it is the stuff that is part of everyone’s personal hygiene. What’s more, you can save a lot by making soap. Learn how to make handmade soap.

11. Pepper Sauce

For brides who will serve snacks or even burgers at weddings, a glass of pepper sauce can be an unforgettable souvenir. To make a souvenir like this, buy a large pepper sauce and split into a small jar. Do not forget to adjust the bottle with the label.

12. Paper bags with goods

Paper bags for storing items can save a lot of souvenirs. Use your creativity to match small bags with party decorations. In photo design, paper that mimics lace is added to make the sachet smoother.

13. Sachet is flavorful

Fragrant sauce is a very good idea for souvenirs, because it will be very useful to scent your guests drawers. Use different types of fabrics and fragrances associated with party decorations and for bridal tastes. For more details see How to Make Sago Scented Sachet.

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