Severe Anxiety Symptoms Physical

Severe Anxiety Symptoms Physical

Almost all people ever feel anxious. For example when going through school entrance exams or when going to interview a new job. This is a reaction of the body which is very reasonable. But can be a nuisance when this anxiety problem persisted.
Based on data from basic health Research (Riskesdas) 2013, around 16 million people or 6 percent in Indonesia experienced the emotional mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and psychosomatic. Unfortunately, this problem is still considered a problem. So, most people recently undiagnosed anxiety disorder experienced when these disorders are already heavy enough.

symptoms of disorders of anxiety

Actually, many of the symptoms of disorders of anxiety experienced by many people. It’s just that many are not aware of it. Several factors such as lifestyle, princesses, a fast-paced, urban environment that is dynamic, and even global warming could trigger someone experiencing anxiety. Genetic factors, personality, and environment can also make people anxious.
Severe Anxiety Symptoms Physical
Closely related to anxiety disorders of the nervous system in the brain. When you feel anxiety usually will experience physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, diarrhea, dizziness, cold sweats, nausea, and shortness of breath. Not only that, you can also feel the psychological symptoms, such as a feeling of worry, anxiousness, nervousness and fear. more article visit twisted-vine

However, humans have the coping mechanisms of anxiety attacks when it comes. If the person has a positive character and defense mechanism used at the right time, then you will easily face the disorder anxiety. Conversely, if you are not able to survive, then anxiety disorders can interfere with your activities. If this is to happen, the doctor will normally advise you to do counseling with psychiatrists and consume certain drugs that could help dampen excessive anxiety.

symptoms of social anxiety disorder

Social phobias are anxiety disorders that make someone anti-socializing, for example, become reluctant to talk on the phone or chatting with other people at an event. Social phobia sufferers will continue trying to avoid the crowd and chose to be alone. Or when the sufferer got through tough times in the interact, they tend to think about it and wonder about other people’s judgment of him.

People who experience social phobia typically show symptoms of anxiety disorder and physically recognizable. The physical symptoms of which are increased heart rate, sweating, nausea, stuttering, and handshaking.HS