The Benefits of Aloe Vera Leaves And How To Use It

The name of this plant is certainly no stranger to our ears, Aloe Vera. Perhaps because of its elongated shape resembling the tongue, this plant is called as aloe vera or sometimes also called aloe vera, although the actual aloe vera is not jagged like this plant. The international language of this plant is Aloe Vera with the Latin name Aloe Barbadensis Milleer. This plant was first discovered in Africa thousands of years ago until it spread to various countries including Indonesia. Plants with mucus contained in the leaves is commonly used as a fertilizer of hair, wound healing, and for skin care.

Besides being used directly, aloe vera can also be found in instant products ranging from pproduk pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as food and beverage health. According to experts who examine the contents of this plant, it turns out Aloe Vera has many essential substances that are very beneficial to the health of the human body. The substances contained in them include enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides and other components that are very beneficial to health.

Besides, from research conducted by Aloe Vera also can function as anti bacteria, anti inflamasi, anti fungi and can assist cell regenariasi process. Other benefits of aloe vera is to lower blood sugar for diabetics, control blood pressure, stimulate immunity against cancer, and can be used as a nutritional support for cancer, people with HIV / AIDS.

It is better you make this plant as one of the collection of ornamental plants in your yard, in addition to having a quite exotic appearance of this plant can also be used as first aid when you suffer minor injuries. Gel contained in Aloe vera leaves can be used as a reliever burns and heals wounds.

Health practitioners use aloe vera to treat skin disorders, wounds, sunburn, burns caused by radiation and dermatitis. According to Deanne Tenney and Rita Elkins, the author of “Aloe Vera.” Using aloe vera regularly on the face can help make skin look brighter and smoother as well as reduce inflammation. You can buy these products instantly at health food stores and pharmacies, but if you can use them in a fresh state by extracting them will be better and certainly more economical. (DCW)