Vintage Decoration Ideas For Your Bathroom


Elegance and Charm If there are two styles you can rely on, you should incorporate old elements into your bathroom. Vintage styles are currently very modern. So, if you want to sell your home or if you want to update the bathroom when needed, this may be the right choice for you.
With so many bathroom design options, refining a particular style can be difficult. However, I am here to help you choose the right features to give your bathroom the vintage look you want.
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Bathroom remodeling rate

A new look for your bathroom can be exactly what you need to renovate your home. Whatever style you choose, an outdated bathroom may need more than a few decorative enhancements to work wonders. From more space to installing new equipment, remodeling the bathroom can be a worthwhile investment. The average cost of renovating a bathroom is $ 8,820, and most owners go from $ 6,569 to $ 9,872.

Vanity and vintage bathroom mirrors

If you give your bathroom a vintage look, you probably want to upgrade your toilet first. After all, it is a space that attracts attention and brings together many important elements that unite the bathroom. The vintage bathroom vanities are a great DIY project that can often reuse a dresser to get the look. Or, paint your current vanity with chalk paint and apply sandpaper to age it.

Like your dresser, bathroom mirrors are often a focal point in your bathroom. The good news is that you probably do not have to invest in a new mirror to get the look. You can create a decorative frame around your current mirror that can give you the vintage look you want. Remember to keep the wood visible or give it a golden color.
Alternatively, if you think it’s time to upgrade your mirror with the rest of your bathroom, there are plenty of vintage styles. Look for options with fine gold bars and fearful corners. The average cost of installing a new bathroom mirror ranges from $ 179 to $ 1,290, depending on the size and size of the mirror.

Faucets and vintage sinks

If you have a sink separate from your dresser, it will probably stand out if it does not match the rest of the room decoration. The fountains are a bigger project than the faucets. If you have a limited budget, I recommend changing the faucet to improve the vintage look before deciding to install a new sink. It is a less expensive alternative. Look for chrome taps with ceramic handles or cross handle taps.
However, a new washbasin can help complete your vintage bathroom look. A large white porcelain pan is the look you want. The average cost of installing a sink is $ 395.

Vintage bathroom accessories

The Declaration lights are hot at this time and could be the perfect complement to your bathrooms. Edison lamps exposed to aged steel wall lights, there are many ways to choose from creating a vintage look. Do not be afraid to take out your enlightenment. The trends show that, regardless of style, the luminaires occupy a central place in every room.

Vintage bathroom decoration

The wall decoration that you choose for your old fashioned bathroom can really unite the whole thing. Start at your local used store to see which items you can find or reuse. The wooden signs are always a good base in any vintage style room. For murals, look for black and white with a thick wooden frame. Wire shelves and floral accents are good grades to add to a vintage bathroom.

If you like DIY, creating your own wall decoration inspired by the era is the perfect project. And of course, every time you can decorate and organize is a big advantage. I love this vintage mason jar decoration on the theme of the DIY Playbook. See his guide on how to make one for your bathroom. [AAM]